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    James Metcalfe

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    James Metcalfe

    James Metcalfe

    Rocker Bottom Shoes

    I have many patients with stiff feet and ankles who experience great pain relief from these shoes.

    Because the shoes have a rocker bottom the shoe moves rather than the foot.

    advice is to try lots of types of shoes and find the best suited for you.

    It is really important to wear these shoes in gradually over a few weeks. The shoes will change the way you walk and will affect your feet, knees,hips and back. Your legs will ache for a few weeks

    afterwards but the advice is to persist with the shoes.

    The style of shoes recommended include Skecher Shape Ups, MBT and Dr Scholl Fitness shoe. The

    Skecher Shape-ups information at

    Sketchers Shape-ups trainer

    MBT information at

    MBT fitness trainer

    Dr Scholl's Fitness exercise trainer information at

    Dr Scholl Fitness trainer