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    James Metcalfe

    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

    James Metcalfe

    James Metcalfe

    Private Practice

    Contact Details :

    The Plymouth Nuffield Hospital,
    Derriford Road,
    PL6 8BG.
    Telephone/Fax  01752 977010.
    Secretary – Mrs Debbie Metherell.
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    James ‘s private practice is based at the Plymouth Nuffield Hospital.  James clinics runs on a

    Wednesday morning and Friday evening. For urgent cases other clinic times are available in the evening or on a Saturday morning. James performs regular lists at the Nuffield Hospital for adult patients. For surgery on children there are Paediatric theatre lists at the Nuffield Hospital. An

    alternative location is Plym Children’s Theatres based at Derriford Hospital.

    Private Practice: Foot and Ankle Surgery

    James offers a comprehensive service to assess and treat patients with foot and ankle problems. The origin of the foot and ankle pain may be obvious for instance a bunion or a bent toe rubbing on shoe wear.  However, some patients presenting with pain in the foot and ankle area can often be tricky to diagnose.

    Private Practice: Range of Conditions Treated

    Claw/ Hammer toes.
    Hallux rigidus – stiff big toe.
    Fore foot pain – Mortons neuroma/ Intermetatarsal bursitis/ Metatarsalgia/
    Heel pain – Plantar fasciitis
    Achilles tendonopathy.

    Ankle pain  and assessment with arthroscopy.

    Ankle arthritis – treatment with arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis.
    Ankle arthritis – James does not perform ankle replacements but can refer to you a local ankle replacement unit.
    Hind foot and midfoot pain – treatment with injection and/ or fusion operation.
    In-growing toenail

    Assessment of complex lower limb deformity and correction with ilizarov frames.

    Private Practice: Trauma

    James can provide a comprehensive adult trauma service that he offers at Derriford hospital including

    limb reconstruction with Ilizarov frames.

    Private Practice: Paediatric Orthopaedics

    James is able to provide a full paediatric orthopaedic assessment including  children with cerebral palsy. Operative intervention can be arranged either at the Nuffield Hospital or at Plym Children’s and Young Persons Theatres.